5 Ways To Spend Your Valentine’s Day Giving Back This Year

Hi lovelies! We are just rocking and rolling our way through February, aren’t we? I’m always excited to do all the fun February things (the Superbowl, celebrate my freedom from my eating disorder, Valentine’s Day, the only 28 days!) and then get into the longer days and restore my happiness as we move into the … Continue reading 5 Ways To Spend Your Valentine’s Day Giving Back This Year

Love Languages

Hi lovelies! As we enter into this month that is all about loving on the people around us, be that your spouse, significant other, a friend, your neighbor down the block, or someone you don’t even know; I think being intentional about learning the way that we give love/receive love (and how those around us … Continue reading Love Languages

2 Years!

Hi lovelies! So yesterday I celebrated something pretty neat and I thought it might be fun to write a little bit about it. Yesterday, my boy and I celebrated 2 years of dating! Now, I know I don’t really include him on this platform and haven’t talked about him all that much….which is why I … Continue reading 2 Years!

Valentine’s Day: Indoor Picnic Party For Two  

Hi lovelies! I hope you and your loved ones had the most lovely Valentine’s Day celebration yet! I know mine was GREAT! Yummy food (literally please make this, it was SO good…and Paleo/Whole 30 compliant!), delicious wine, lots of snuggling and of course matching t-shirts…(if you know us as a couple at all, this shouldn’t surprise … Continue reading Valentine’s Day: Indoor Picnic Party For Two  

Think Pink…ish

Hi lovelies! Happy (almost) Valentine’s Day!!! As I mentioned in my other Valentine’s Day post, regardless of your relationship status, you can definitely still have a fun day on this holiday of loooove. ❤ You don’t need a man, nor major plans to enjoy yourself. I do however, think it’s always fun to dress the part; … Continue reading Think Pink…ish